Ray Bag Tuscany Red


Tuscany Red is a tribute to Tuscany and to this land’s warmest nuances. It is made with a mélange and textured fabric by combining yarn in three different tones. Natural leather finishes, non-detachable shoulder strap, small metal details, in a style of subdued elegance.

Ray Bag Tuscany Red

A tribute to Tuscany – the land of art,beauty and craftsmanship where Irevedì was born – Tuscany Red captures all the landscape’s nuances of red: Siena’s earth, the rooftops of villages oozing with history, the sun going down behind the hills….Tradition turns into innovation owing to the use of a high-performance material: a soft, strong, easy-maintenance and eco-sustainable fibre obtained from recycled plastic. All features which make this elegant and versatile bag also very functional.

irevedì brand borse in pelle artigianali prodotte a firenze
borse tracolla in pelle fatte a mano

The mélange effect- achieved by combining yarn in three different colors – has a textured and three-dimensional appearance because of the fibers’ thickness, as the result of research by a company that specializes in luxury interior decoration fabrics. The vegetable-tanned flap in natural leather tones emphasizes the nuances of red, making them warmer and richer.

Ray Bag in action

borse tracolla marrone in pelle fatte a mano
0.700 kg
30 × 24 × 13 cm



disegno tecnico borsa artigianale irevedì

Weight: 0.7 kg

Logo engraved on the leather flap
Magnetic snap closure
Two internal pockets

Serial number

Vegetable-tanned leather
Silver metal finish

Vegetable-tanned leather
Top handle size 27 cm

Handmade in Tuscany, Italy


This bag is made by young Florentine artisans using the refined techniques of handmade bags. Each piece is unique and comes from our respect for the environment and its preservation. We use natural and regenerated yarns that originate from the recycling of other fabrics whose fibers, keeping intact their natural irregularities, become new fabrics, making it an exclusive pattern for Irevedì. This is why one bag will never be the same as another: it is an integral part of their beauty. The leather of the flap is vegetable tanned, with substances obtained from trees and plants in full respect of nature. Even the use of metal is reduced to a minimum, in the name of functionality and non-invasive style. We pay attention to avoid superfluous also in the minimal packaging, which uses natural fabrics and recycled paper.