Ray Bag Stia Stripe


The Ray Bag Stia Stripe, which takes its name from the place where the Arno River originates, is made of regenerated wool, obtained through an ancient process where rags are the starting point to create precious and sustainable yarns. The fabric – full-bodied and textured – designs an elegant micro-line on a natural buttoned base. The flap is in interchangeable leather, in the colors Black, Mocha and Tan; the use of metal is essential.

Ray Bag Stia Stripe

It is water, or rather the Arno River, that has inspired this new Ray Bag collection: from the source to the mouth, in the collection we find small clues that tell the long journey of this river and mostly the tradition that has flourished over the centuries on its banks. It is to these images that tell of a new concept of luxury – made of tradition, time, research into materials, attention to detail and sustainability – that Irevedì takes us back every time we wear a Ray Bag, like the new Stia Stripe.

The Ray Bag Stia Stripe, which takes its name from the place where the Arno river is born, is made of regenerated wool, obtained from an ancient and fascinating process of local tradition where rags are the starting point to obtain new precious and highly sustainable yarns. The fabric designs an elegant microline on a natural buttoned base: the result is full-bodied, textured, three-dimensional that narrates the colors and soul of the places where the Ray Bag was born. The flap is made of vegetable-tanned leather, interchangeable, in the colours Black, Mocha and Tan, the details are carefully designed where the use of metal is essential.

Ray Bag in action

ray bag stia borse per donna in pelle e tessuto
0.755 kg
30 × 24 × 13 cm

Black, moka, Tan


disegno tecnico borsa artigianale irevedì

Weight: 0.755 kg

Weight: 0.7 Kg
Logo engraved on the leather flap
Magnetic snap closure
Two internal pockets
Serial number

Vegetable-tanned leather
Regenerated wool
Silver metal finish

Vegetable-tanned leather
Silver metal finish

Handmade in Tuscany, Italy


This bag is made by young Florentine artisans using the refined techniques of handmade bags. Each piece is unique and comes from our respect for the environment and its preservation. We use natural and regenerated yarns that originate from the recycling of other fabrics whose fibers, keeping intact their natural irregularities, become new fabrics, making it an exclusive pattern for Irevedì. This is why one bag will never be the same as another: it is an integral part of their beauty. The leather of the flap is vegetable tanned, with substances obtained from trees and plants in full respect of nature. Even the use of metal is reduced to a minimum, in the name of functionality and non-invasive style. We pay attention to avoid superfluous also in the minimal packaging, which uses natural fabrics and recycled paper.