Ray Bag Labirinto Black


Black & White, empty and full, feminine and masculine in the Ray Bag Labirinto Black, a shoulder bag with timeless elegance but with a contemporary step. Leather flap, design finishes and innovative fabric, the mix of Italian craftsmanship and ancient Oriental techniques.

Ray Bag Labirinto Black

The labyrinth is an archetype of timeless charm: Ariadne and Theseus, a ball of red thread, a queen and the Minotaur…. femininity and virility joined together by a thread. Ray Bag Labirinto Black has these fascinations encoded in its DNA and transformed into a black & white graphic pattern, full and empty, feminine and masculine at the same time. Opposites attract and are made into a fabric of timeless elegance but with a contemporary touch: durable, stain-resistant, water-repellent owing to innovative fiber treatments which increase the fabric’s performance and functionality without detracting from style in any way. The leather flap is strictly vegetable-tanned and eco-sustainable, with a natural and unique look.

borse tracolla pelle e tessuto nero

The fabric results from the collaboration between JiYoung and a Thai company which produces fine fabrics, including interior decoration fabrics, the perfect mix of Italian craftsmanship and ancient Oriental techniques, commitment to environmental protection and style.

Ray Bag in action

borsa nera tracolla in pelle per donne
0.755 kg
30 × 24 × 13 cm

Black, moka, Tan


disegno tecnico borsa artigianale irevedì

Weight: 0.755 kg

Logo engraved on the leather flap
Magnetic snap closure
Two internal pockets

Serial number

Vegetable-tanned leather
Trevira CS
Silver metal finish

Vegetable-tanned leather
Top handle size 27 cm

Handmade in Tuscany, Italy


This bag is made by young Florentine artisans using the refined techniques of handmade bags. Each piece is unique and comes from our respect for the environment and its preservation. We make use of natural yarns and prints inspired by handmade drawings, veritable works of art which we reproduce, keeping their imperfections intact. This is why one bag will never be the same as another: it is an integral part of their beauty. The leather of the flap is vegetable tanned, with substances obtained from trees and plants in full respect of nature. Even the use of metal is reduced to a minimum, in the name of functionality and non-invasive style. We pay attention to avoid superfluous also in the minimal packaging, which uses natural fabrics and recycled paper.