These days, when everything is being put on hold, moments in which memories, choices, intuitions and falling in love with our past inevitably come to mind. This is almost a nice retreat of thoughts that – not being able to work at the pace we are used to – retraces the experiences to analyze, understand or just to catch once again those sparks that made us quiver with emotions. It happened to me too, and more than once I recalled the moment when the IREVEDÌ project was born. Having our own brand was a dream that Daniele, my husband, and I had for a long time, and the famous spark burst during a business trip in Thailand.


I was in Bangkok for a new collaboration with a textile manufacturing company where I developed their accessories collection. I was excited about the new prospect that was opening up but without knowing what was waiting for me.

This company I’m mentioning was founded after the Second World War by an American architect and art collector. A cultured, refined, and an art lover, he fell in love with the Thai culture and the country’s textile tradition.

At a time when silk manufacturing was in sharp decline compared to synthetic fabrics, he only focused on this niche segment of textile production; be sure that American and European buyers and the newly born world of Pret-à-porter would be fascinated with silk. He did not alter the traditional Thai artisan production method. Still but, instead, he strengthened the network of local artisans, improved their looms, introduced new techniques and designs, and allowing Thai weavers to produce silks that would dazzle the world.


He created his company as a perfect microorganism able to operate the entire supply chain, from silkworms to beautiful fancy fabrics, maintaining a perfect balance between industrial production and craftsmanship. In parallel to the company, he organized a farm and a cultural center dedicated to visual arts, in support of the Thai culture and intellectual exchange.


I was fascinated by the artisan aspects of the company: as of today, not only silk production here but a vast range of fabrics, especially for home furnishing. The prototypes of the most excellent products and silks are still made today with handlooms, following the ancient traditions of the place. Regarding the silk, from collecting the silkworms to dyeing the threads, all the steps are overseen by the local workforce.

The company is still using the ikat technique, literally means cloud, a type of tie-dyeing of heavy and expensive yarns, hence being very valuable.


All this happens like magic, immersed in the perfect and flourished nature of the Thai countryside.


This coexistence of high craftsmanship and art – part of the company still used for art exhibitions and artist residences – totally won me over. Therefore, some of its jacquard and printed fabrics were chosen for our Ray Bag project.


These fabrics I used for the first IREVEDÌ collection, a great source of inspiration for me: they represent my passion for design and tradition. Although being born to be used for interior, comes with an authentic artisan soul. The Ray Bag Marina Pink and Wawy Brown fabrics also have an artistic matrix, as the print is a reproduction of an artist’s work.


Then, as now, I find these fabrics vibrant: they are the pure expression of the ancient and traditional soul of Thailand, but with the contemporary look of the world of art. A beautiful hand texture, intense colors, and the fascination of the story of a man who chased his dream… a bit like me, chasing my dream with IREVEDÌ.

Discover the whole Ray Bag collection and let yourself be carried away by the magic and charm of these beautiful fabrics and find the right one for you.

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