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But are we really? When you evolve so much into something, having doubts is legitimate, perhaps even healthy! Irevedì is the anagram of everyday life. And no word could be more epiphanic: it has been a truly daily commitment, the growth of emotions and developments which I still have trouble putting in order…

But let’s go back in time, starting with me: my love of art- I studied sculpture- is an important part of my past, in Seoul.

My love at first sight for fashion brought me to Florence, where I became an accessory designer. I worked for some major companies in Italy, I’ve had international working experiences, I fell in love, I had a child…At present, my personal and professional lives move along parallel tracks and it was along this path that Irevedì came to life: my husband Daniele Rimetti is the youngest member of a family that has been producing high-end leather goods for three generations. In the past few years, he has worked hard to extend the company beyond national boundaries to the international scene. We currently work with the world’s major luxury brands. Our personal and professional development entails the pursuit of self-awareness and balance which integrates ethics and attention to environmental protection. In addition to my growth within the company, I had to find a work-life balance as a working mom who wished for everything to be (nearly) perfect. It seems I never have enough time….When I started off as a designer, I was a real fashion victim: for a time I enjoyed amassing things I was passionate about and that inspired me. But as soon as I became a mother, my priorities totally changed and I suddenly  realized that I didn’t need too many things: just some nice pants, blouses and t-shirts that work well everywhere. And impeccable details, of course. Appearance is very important, so the result must be functional as much as aesthetically appealing. It’s a matter of personality and balance.. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all this, like chit chatting happily and confusedly with girlfriends! Because all this melting pot of thoughts and feelings led to the story of Irevedì and its first chapter, the Ray Bag.  “Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world:  these words are by Ray Eames, my inspiration when my husband and I decided to create our own bag brand and began working on the first model.


A worldwide-renowned designer, Ray Eames was endowed with inexhaustible enthusiasm and very inquisitive nature. Ray and her husband Charles had a highly synergetic relationship in both professional and private life. They created streamlined, fun, functional, sophisticated yet simple objects. Ray is also the name of the first Irevedì bag, which is based on the perfect balance of beauty and functionality, femininity and masculinity, elegance and versatility, leather and fabric… Leather is strictly vegetable-tanned and eco-sustainable,  it is less polluting and has a natural and unique look. Fabrics are 100% natural and sustainable.

I want to be completely honest with you in this stage of my life that feels like a new beginning: it wasn’t easy to get here, I don’t live in the fairytale world, where everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong.  In the very first stage of the process, we alternated between high enthusiasm and sudden halts, we found it hard to direct all our energy toward that end. But we strongly believed in it from the outset. One of the most critical moments was when  Daniele seemed to keep putting everything off in order not to slow down the company’s business.

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I simply sidestepped the obstacle by having a competitor of ours make the prototype! It was a disaster, a complete waste of time, but at least I stirred things up: I had touched a nerve with Daniele and he put our company’s best “hands” to my disposal. They are young but skilled artisans, clever with both their hands and heads: together we began designing again. They were very supportive. When it comes to working for someone and carrying out a project for a brand, I have very clear ideas. But this is something totally different: making a decision is the most difficult thing in the world when you’re investing your energy, your money, your ideas and your know-how in yourself. There’s no guarantee, and you have to use  the right amount of instinct and reason. And when you’re creating something from scratch, you have to deal with much more than the mere product: marketing, website, e-commerce, social media.

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All things I had never dealt with before and which were a major obstacle for me. So, thankfully, I collaborate with the right people, with whom I enjoy working and I’m growing professionally and personally. I feel like a student learning new things. But I’m happy because I have a new challenge to face, something that makes me feel anxious yet excited and allows me to convey my concept of fashion and style, a mix of good taste, culture and respect for other people and our world. Ray Bag was our first big step forward, we plan to go on this way, creating objects, and not only bags, also accessories and clothing, which make you feel good, elegant and self-confident at all times. For today’s women and men.

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