The anagram of everyday, Irevedì is a brand of handmade bags featuring luxury details and finishes. It is a world in which beauty, practicality and consciousness coexist. A project based on the pursuit of aesthetic values which integrate some fundamental codes- attention to details, eco-sustainability, comfort, functionality– but is also the expression of a strong identity with a high degree of personality and style.


The brand 

The Ray Bag collection by Irevedì is the perfect balance of beauty and functionality, femininity and masculinity, elegance and versatility, leather and fabric. It has a classic style, making it perfect from morning to evening, and combines leather and fabric. Leather is strictly vegetable tanned, not only eco-sustainable but also with a natural and unique look. Fabrics are linen, cotton, hemp, 100% natural with prints inspired by handmade drawings and whose strength lies in their imperfections.

They are patterns but also stories of journeys around the world and speak of artisan know-how, research and traditions worth passing on: Thailand, Sardinia, Peru, Mexico and Tuscany….Irevedì fabrics have no geographical boundaries and offer the chance to change the color, pattern and texture at the rhythm of one’s mood and of the seasons, while keeping the leather flap unchanged. A variety of moods in one single bag, to be able to choose without burdening oneself with the superfluous. 

Light-weight and genuine, the Ray Bag is as elegant as Ji Young Hur, the brains and heart behind the brand.

irevedì handmade firenze
borsa a tracolla artigianale
designer borse artigianali firenze

The history of Irevedì is the history of Ji: it embodies her life, her passions, her personal growth.

Such a collage of experiences allowed Ji’s creativity  and her background as a designer for major fashion houses all over the world to evolve into a more complex vision, in which the pursuit of aesthetic values is as important as functionality, attention to environmental protection and mature and conscious beauty. It is a matter of balance and care for details: you don’t really need a lot of things, just the right ones.

With this new awareness and the determination so typical of her character to support her, Ji proposed to her husband Daniele Rimetti to create their own collection. They were backed by a solid family-owned company that had been producing high-end leather goods for three generations, which Daniele, who always looks ahead to the future, renovated by relocating the headquarters to a 4,000-square-meter building in the Tuscan countryside, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a team of 140 young but highly-qualified people. Luxury, Italian and third-millennium craftsmanship, the one that really makes the difference. The proposal turned into a project. The project turned into Irevedì.

fondatori irevedì

The Irevedì Philosophy

Not every step of the process was smooth: the choice of creating something new inevitably involves doubts and questions, but Ji and Daniele can always count on their empathy and enthusiasm. They choose the people they work with and with whom they share a vision based on research, tradition, but also the excitement for new challenges and experiences. A mutual exchange which guides Irevedì’s philosophy: day-to-day, versatile, playful, precious.