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Kisses in the history of modern and contemporary art

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Welcome to the Ray Bag world

The respect for nature and the love of Italian craftsmanship, sleek geometrical lines and elegance…: research, enthusiasm and passion are behind every choice, every detail, every stitch of a Ray Bag. Explore our world and let us be part of your everyday life.

Here is our collection: pick your Ray Bag.


Literally “respect for the environment”. Irevedì would rather say “love”: love of nature and of natural things. We believe that nature is synonymous with beauty. In a spontaneous, simple way. We do the same, in our own small way, with Irevedì: we create streamlined and elegant bags, for free-spirited and dynamic people, while keeping environmental impact to a minimum. From the fabrics we choose to the leathers and packaging, we always give top priority to aesthetically beautiful yet eco-conscious solutions. We strive to translate our love of nature and beauty into a substantial commitment, going far beyond the mere words.

Let us inspire you

Our story is from the people and ideas that brought together the project to life.

The Magic of Craftsmanship

At Irevedì’s, innovation and tradition are embodied by our long-standing collaborators who place their experience at the service of young but highly-trained artisans, skilled in the use of state-of-the-art machinery and techniques. One thing would be incomplete without the other: an interplay which is found in every gesture, in every stitch, in the manual assembly of every single part of our bags. Irevedì creates handmade bags, in the most contemporary meaning of the term, that is, a masterful blend of technique and know-how which mutually inspire each other.